Signature Series Neck Illusions

larry mitchell neck illusions

Inspired by Larry’s love of horses, Neck Illusions presents “Wild Horses”, Larry’s signature Neck Illusions series. These graphic decals are designed to help protect your instruments fingerboard from the natural acidity of your hands and fingers. These are non-permanent, removable fingerboard decals that easily install onto your existing instruments neck. Available with the look of rosewood or ebony fingerboard. Choose or collect all 5 designs!



Latest Release

Deja Vu is a collection of previously released songs revisited and newly reinterpreted by Larry. While still familiar, these new compositions remain just as dramatic and captivating as the originals. Listen and order below!

Listen to Deja Vu!

  1. The Bath Larry Mitchell 0:45
  2. Insatiable Larry Mitchell 0:45
  3. Temporary Thing Larry Mitchell 0:45
  4. The Seduction (CD ONLY) Larry Mitchell 0:46
  5. Political Rain Larry Mitchell 0:45
  6. Thena Larry Mitchell 0:45
  7. Grace Larry Mitchell 0:45


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Larry Mitchell - The Traveler



Gross-Gerau, Germany, Germany

Wacholderbeere Gross-Gerau, Germany

Kaffeehaus 1825

Soest, Germany, Germany

Kaffeehaus 1825 Soest, Germany

Babylon Citizens Council on the Arts

Lindenhurst, NY

Babylon Citizens Council on the Arts Lindenhurst, NY
(631) 587-3696

Doors Open at 7:30PM. Performance at 8;00PM.

Larry Mitchell - The Traveler

The Traveler Videos

The Traveler

The Honoring