Larry’s Video Streaming Toolbox

April 3, 2020

With the cancellations of live events in the news of late, artists have responded by taking their performances online. For two years now, Larry has been entertaining his fans with Tuesday Night Live on Facebook and more recently on YouTube. Check out Musicspots.de as Larry shares with the online music magazine the tools in his broadcast toolbox.




In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of its release, join Larry LIVE every Tuesday Night @ 9 PM EDT as he plays songs from his iconic debut!

Follow Larry and see why Tuesday Night Live is the best night of the week!

Latest Release

Deja Vu is a collection of previously released songs revisited and newly reinterpreted by Larry. While still familiar, these new compositions remain just as dramatic and captivating as the originals. Listen and order below!

Listen to Deja Vu!

  1. The Bath Larry Mitchell 0:45
  2. Insatiable Larry Mitchell 0:45
  3. Temporary Thing Larry Mitchell 0:45
  4. The Seduction (CD ONLY) Larry Mitchell 0:46
  5. Political Rain Larry Mitchell 0:45
  6. Thena Larry Mitchell 0:45
  7. Grace Larry Mitchell 0:45


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