Netherlands | Germany 2019 Tour

Larry Mitchell Germany Tour 2019


Latest Release

Deja Vu is a collection of previously released songs revisited and newly reinterpreted by Larry. While still familiar, these new compositions remain just as dramatic and captivating as the originals. Listen and order below!

Listen to Deja Vu!

  1. The Bath Larry Mitchell 0:45
  2. Insatiable Larry Mitchell 0:45
  3. Temporary Thing Larry Mitchell 0:45
  4. The Seduction (CD ONLY) Larry Mitchell 0:46
  5. Political Rain Larry Mitchell 0:45
  6. Thena Larry Mitchell 0:45
  7. Grace Larry Mitchell 0:45


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Larry Mitchell - The Traveler


Trails End Saloon

Portland, OR

Trails End Saloon Portland, OR

Billy Blues

Vancouver, WA

Billy Blues 7115 NE Hazel Dell Ave
Vancouver, WA 986665

Guitars Under the Stars Music Festival

Lebonon, OR

Guitars Under the Stars Festival Lebonon, OR

Larry is scheduled to perform on Friday.

Larry Mitchell - The Traveler

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