The Big Mama-Jama Jamathon

Los Angeles, CA, 90028

Musicians Institute 1534 N Highland Avenue
Los Angeles, CA

Hosted by no other than Steve Vai, The Big Mama-Jama Jamathon is an open improvisational music/art event of 52 hours of continuous music. 100% of the profits will go towards raising funds and awareness for Extraordinary Families, a leading non-profit foster family adoption agency in the Los Angeles area. Larry will be performing on September 29th from 10-11PM and on September 30th from 12 - 4AM.

Minstrel Palooza Live

Chicago, IL

Chicago Chicago, IL

St. Meinrad Rocks Festival

St Meinrad, IN

St Meinrad St Meinrad, IN

Jazz at the Library / Long Beach Jazz Festival

Long Beach, NY

Long Beach Public Library Long Beach, NY

Guitar Summit

Mannheim, Germany, Germany

Rosengarten Mannheim, Germany

Three days (September 7-9) of guitars, pedals, bases and amps.
G66 (European Direct Distributor for Fractal Audio) Booth: 3:30pm
Tonewood Amp Booth: 6:30pm