Larry Mitchell

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  1. In God We Trust -:-- / 3:41
  2. Temporary Thing -:-- / 4:02
  3. Pilitical Rain -:-- / 7:25
  4. The Seduction -:-- / 5:38
  5. People, Places and Things -:-- / 3:33
  6. Lies -:-- / 4:10
  7. There Was A Time -:-- / 4:13
  8. Sun -:-- / 3:12
  9. Don’t Forget Me -:-- / 4:21
  10. Evil -:-- / 5:40


Larry Mitchell – Electric and acoustic guitars
Yvès Gerard – Drums
Jim Fury – Bass
Mark Epstein – Bass on “Evil”
Dave Wittman – Keyboards and acoustic guitars

All Songs written by Larry Mitchell
All songs arranged by Larry Mitchell, Gary Kelly and Yvès Gerard
Produced by Dave Wittman
Engineered and mixed by Dave Wittman
Assistant Engineer Jeff Lippay
Recorded at RPM Studios, New York City / David Hecht, Assistant Engineer
Mixed at Unique Recording, New York City
Mastering by Ted Jensen; Sterling Sound, New York City

The Zebra Jacket

A few weeks before my 15th birthday I was sitting in the back of my parents car, on our way to visit my grandparents. In my Sony Discman was Larry Mitchell’s debut cd. I couldn’t stop listening to it! During that car ride, I took off my headphones and said, “Mom, I want a guitar for my birthday.”

On the afternoon of my birthday, my mom took me to Mekeel’s Music Shop in Newburgh, NY where I purchased my first six-string.

Without Larry’s influence, I may have never picked up a guitar!

– Jay Hannon | 7over8 Recording Studio –